Omni Synergy Strategies Method


Sales and Marketing Strategies

e-commerce marketing strategies should focus on engagement with the audience looking for products or services and actively using outbound marketing strategies to get shoppers to your marketplace platform.

Live Commerce
Live commerce which demonstrated products or service shopping experiences in a live stream broadcast, and invited shoppers to place an order online.

Flash Sale
A flash sale is when an online store offers substantial discounts or promotions for a very short period to get online shoppers for impulse buy.

Voucher Sale
Coupon marketing strategy allows brands to give out vouchers or codes that shoppers can redeem in exchange for discounts and free items.

Discount Sale
Discounting strategy is a special offer or pricing deal on brands products or services.

Limited Time Deal Pages
Create the scarcity and urgency, limited time offers in brands ads, sales campaigns, website banners, email offers and popups.

Bundle Deal
Purchase several products or services together as a single combined unit.

Add-on Deal
Convince your shoppers to “add on” to their initial purchases or sometimes called upselling.

Omni Synergy Strategies Method


Cross Sell Deal
Cross selling is a strategy of selling a different product or service to a shopper to increase the value of a sale.

Free Shipping Fee Promo
Factor in the cost, or at least some of the cost for free shipping strategy.

Advance Booking
Pre-launch and post booking launch marketing plans

An exclusive preview to a bargain promotion offer.


Company Objective

Omni Synergy Strategies Company Objective

Shoppers’s feedback allows you to understand accurate and detailed buyer personas.

Narrative – Storytelling
Storytelling marketing that creates a narrative to communicate brand message out to the specific audience

Lead Generation
Create a well-planned sale funnel optimizing flows of qualified leads

Store Locator
Location-based marketing provides attractive relevant information to the audience.

Build a powerful online omni presence that focuses consistently showcases your unique brand.

Trailer marketing is to build enough interest in an ad campaign to bring in shoppers to watch it upon live commerce.

Poll, Survey, Vote
Perfect solution for brands that want to take the guesswork out of developing a product or service promotion strategy.

Define your unique value proposition and market positioning.

What they do, how it works, and how to solve the issues or problems.

Product Features, Functions and Benefits
Magnify products features, functions or services benefits extensively

Persuasive tactics are used to influence audience to believe, buy, or do something

Brands to gain valuable insights in their business and their customers

Q & A
Ask targeted questions to find and evaluate the key information.

Product Tour
Not just educating the audience, create interactive and steering the audience toward your desired actions.

Product Launching
Brand official launch of product or service and to raise max awareness and build excitement

Experiment, to test, to teach, to educate, to discover, to examine, to investigate or to demonstrate a product or services

Evoke Emotions
A very powerful marketing for long-lasting engagement of a brand using emotion, like happiness, sadness, anger, or fear, to elicit an audience response.

In Trend
Announcement of latest fashion trend or widely accepted mode of latest thing or latest taste

Brand reputation management to determine how well brand are serving their business.

Brand to tell their stories and explain complicated subjects easily with words and images.

Create a high hand touch of personalization.

Information + Entertaining
A happy moment is a happy shopper. Sense of humor, fun, laugh, smile.


Game Plan

Viral Contest
Master the art of contest video marketing vary from Event-Based contests, Giveaways, Poll, Vote, Survey, and  Quiz or Trivia.

Your video marketing campaign should be well integrated into all aspects of the rest of your marketing strategy.

Viral Giveaway / Freebies / Free Sample
Giving freebies of your most valued and new products to your existing shopper is the best way to gain your target audience’s attention towards your brand.

One of the most effective video marketing began short-form videos as entertainment content.

Affiliate Program
Affiliate marketing is creating valuable videos to be hosted with links and information that lead to the products or services.

Omni Synergy Strategies Game Plan

Referral Program
Retained customers who have used your products or services and experienced their value. These are the best loyalty customers to ask to share referrals.